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Ben En National Park – Wild Nature Reserve

Established in 1992 with an area of ​​about 15,000 hectares, Ben En National Park is a primeval forest with an extremely diverse and rich flora and fauna ecosystem. This place is also surrounded by Song Muc Lake, which is more than 4,000 hectares wide. The lake surface is quiet and blue all year round like a pair of large natural hands embracing the heart of Ben En National Park.

Ben En National Park - Thanh Hoa province
@ Ben En National Park – Thanh Hoa province

Located on the arid central region of Thanh Hoa province, just 65 Km from Ninh Binh center, Ben En eco-tourism area is an ideal destination chosen by many people because of the wild and unique beauty of the majestic mountains and forests.
Ben En National Park has an extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna system with more than 462 tree species and about 125 plant families. Among them, the famous green iron wood trees in Vietnam stands out, which is up to several hundred years old with a trunk diameter of nearly 3 meters. There are also many other rare plants and medicinal herbs and primate ancient trees also preserved here.

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